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Find the largest suite of automotive instructional videos available right here. 

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Always up-to-date to reflect the newest in automotive technology, our theory-based and procedural videos allow immediate and direct access to visual instruction. Each short video brings critical, abstract concepts to life using embedded 2D and 3D animation to further engage the student, our videos are to the point and short, so you can show the videos as many times as you need. For large classes where on-site demonstrations can often only benefit those closest to the engine, there may no better way to learn and prepare for shop time than with the help of the world’s most comprehensive suite of instructional videos for automotive training. 

We've added 90 new procedural videos to the 2013 NATEF Edition of CDX Light Vehicle, each designed to demonstrate proper completion of important tasks. An additional 10 theory-based videos have also been added. Plus, more than 900 existing videos have been refreshed to include new narration, terminology, or footage.

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