Deliver proven results with our proven instructional methodology. 

Unique to CDX Automotive is our Know-See-Do-Prove instructional model that meets the diverse learning needs of your students through a library of visual and interactive formats that are proven to improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

— Students understand theory through:

  • 1000+ topic items
  • 1,800+ learning activity sheets
  • 25+ digital volt ohm meter (DVOM) interactive simulations to help students master this vital tool.
  • 800+ short engaging videos with embedded animations (150+ brand new for 2011)
— Students make the connection between understanding foundational theory and practical skills through:

  • 180+ step-by-step instructional videos.  Examples include checking an A/C system, replacing a fuel filter, and monitoring emissions.

— Students rapidly develop applicable skills through:
  • 500+ tasksheets designed to reinforce critical skills.
  • ASE tasksheet manuals that cover NATEF required ASE topic areas and help students track their task completion and progress.
  • 900+ workshop procedure guides designed to remind students of the correct procedures as they perform workshop exercises.
  • Engaging lab experiments
  • 60+ diagnostic assessment activities covering eight ASE areas

— Students and instructors assess their progress through:

  • Online assessments that include:
    • Subject area pre-tests
    • Topic group quizzes
    • Module tests
    • Area final exams

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