Technical Support

Your job is teaching your students. Our job is to make sure you are well - trained to use our teaching materials and course management tools, and to support any technical support needs you may have. We want to make your job easier.

Get Started Using CDX!

If you’re new to CDX, we’ve created these pages just for you to help make implementing CDX in your training environment easy and seamless.Telephone and web-based tutorials are a great way to get started with CDX. We understand that getting started may be a little daunting and these tutorials will put you on the right track to get the most out of your CDX course.

Student Help

Do you need help logging in, redeeming your access pack, or learning how to navigate your CDX course? Check out our training library for help with these and other commonly requested training topics. 

Instructor Help and Training

We don’t want you worrying about the technology. We designed all of the course management tools to be easy-to-use and intuitive. With a little training you’ll become an expert. Training includes instruction on navigation, creating instructors and classes, recording and reporting, and quizzes, tests and grades. Our training and consulting services can help you integrate all of the many benefits of CDX into your own teaching program.

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