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Redefine your training program with Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Diesel Engines. 

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With Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Engines, CDX will offer a complete teaching and learning system that is truly unparalleled. The following instructor resources are available:

Instructor’s ToolKit
Preparing for class is easy with the resources on the Instructor’s ToolKit, including:

  • Adaptable PowerPoint presentations that provide you with a powerful way to make presentations that are educational and engaging to your students. These slides can be modified and edited to meet your needs.Lecture outlines that provide you with complete, ready-to-use lecture outlines that include all of the topics covered in the text. Offered in Word Documents, the lecture outlines can be modified and customized to fit your course
  • Electronic test bank that includes multiple-choice and scenario-based questions, and allows you to originate tailor-made classroom tests and quizzes quickly and easily by selecting, editing, organizing, and printing a test along with an answer key, including page references to the text
  • Answers to all end-of-chapter student questions found in the text
  • Image and table bank that provides you with a selection of the most important images and tables found in the textbook. You can use them to incorporate more images into the PowerPoint presentations, make handouts, or enlarge a specific image for further discussion.

CDX Medium/Heavy Vehicle Online, 2014 NATEF Edition
You can deliver a customized, engaging learning experience that covers exactly what your students need to know with CDX Medium/Heavy Vehicle Online. CDX Medium/Heavy Vehicle Online, 2014 NATEF Edition includes current, concise content based on the latest medium and heavy vehicle training standards and features:

  • An integrated Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Systems ebook and audio book
  • A media gallery that makes it easy to access all videos, animations, images, skill drills, and other assets in one area.
  • Improved Tasksheet Tracking and reporting tools.
  • Skill Drill presentations that provide written step-by-step explanations and visual summaries of important skills and procedures
  • Over 300 theoretical and procedural videos designed to explain important concepts and demonstrate proper task completion
  • Over 100 interactive animations that allow students to observe the inner workings of the components and systems while they are operating; disassemble the component assemblies to see how they are constructed; and see how systems react when there are faults present.
  • Scorable DVOM experiments that report back to your online gradebook.

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