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Redefine your training program with Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Diesel Engines. 

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The following chapters are included within Fundamentals of Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Engines:

Part 1: Foundation and Safety

Chapter 1: Why Diesel?
Chapter 2: Careers and Employability Skills
Chapter 3: Workplace Habits
Chapter 4: Health, Safety, and Personal Protection Equipment
Chapter 5: Basic Tools, Fasteners, and Lifting Devices

Part 2: Diesel Engine Fundamentals
Chapter 6: Basic Engine Terminology and Operating Principles
Chapter 7: Diesel Engine Emissions
Chapter 8: Diesel Engine Combustion Systems

Part 3: Engine Construction and Operation
Chapter 9: Cylinder Components
Chapter 10:  Cylinder Blocks and Crankshafts
Chapter 11: Cylinder Heads and Valve Train Mechanism
Chapter 12: Diesel Engine Lubrication Systems
Chapter 13: Diesel Engine Cooling Systems

Part 4: Fuel and Fuel Systems
Chapter 14: What Is Diesel Fuel?
Chapter 15: Low Pressure Fuel Systems
Chapter 16: Functions of a High Pressure Fuel System
Chapter 17: Hydraulic Nozzles
Chapter 18: Governors
Chapter 19: Multiple Plunger Injection Pumps
Chapter 20: Distributor Type Injection Pumps
Chapter 21: Electronic Signal Processing Principles
Chapter 22: Electronic Signal Processing – Input Circuits
Chapter 23: Electronic Distributor Type Injection Pumps
Chapter 24: Electronic Unit Injectors and Unit Pumps
Chapter 25: Cummins Unit Injection Systems
Chapter 26: HEUI Injection Systems
Chapter 27: Common Rail Fuel Systems

Part 5: Air Induction and Exhaust Systems
Chapter 28: Air Induction Systems
Chapter 29: Fixed Geometry and Wastegated Turbochargers
Chapter 30: Variable Geometry and Series Turbochargers
Chapter 31: Diesel Engine Emissions
Chapter 32: Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Chapter 33: Charge Air Cooling
Chapter 34: Exhaust After-Treatment Systems
Chapter 35: Exhaust Systems and Engine Retarders
Chapter 36: HD–OBD Systems

Part 6: OEM Service Information and Engine Systems 
Chapter 37: Navistar
Chapter 38: Detroit Diesel
Chapter 39: Caterpillar
Chapter 40: Volvo – Mack
Chapter 41: PAACAR

Part 7: Engine Electrical and Hybrid Drive Systems
Chapter 42: HD Battery Servicing and Testing
Chapter 43: Advanced Battery Technology
Chapter 44: HD Starting Systems
Chapter 45: HD Charging Systems
Chapter 46: Electrical Wiring and Repair
Chapter 47: Hybrid Drive Systems and Series Type Hybrid Drives
Chapter 48: Allison Hybrid Drive Systems

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