Automotive Training for High Schools, Colleges, and Commercial Shops Around the World

CDX Automotive provides interactive and experiential online automotive training programs to more than 2000 high schools, post-secondary institutions, commercial fleets, and corporate organizations in 55 countries around the world. With thousands of interactive training resources, we cater to the specific requirements of our varied customers, working with them to customize our offerings to their individual automotive curriculum requirements.

High School

Our learning consultants work with high school instructors and administrators to make sure their automotive courses are highly engaging and prepare their students for either in-school or certification exams. Our flexible, modular courses are a perfect match for high schools that operate under tight budgets and have classroom limitations.

Post Secondary

The needs of technical schools and community colleges have never been greater. Enrollment is overflowing, resources are stretched, and the pressure on students to succeed is constant. Our learning consultants work with instructors and administrators to provide the most engaging and effective automotive training possible for their students. Furthermore, our interactive and online programs offer instructors greater flexibility in terms of class size, distance learning, and class group rotation.


Commercial fleets, established shops, and corporate chains need to ensure their technicians are trained and certified - especially if they want to be a Blue Seal Shop. Best of all, with CDX Automotive, technicians can stay on the job while they prepare for certification or re-certification.


CDX Automotive courses are taught around the world, to high schools, colleges, and commercial organizations. Our learning consultants work closely with instructors, administrators, and owners to make sure their students and technicians receive instruction that aligns with their country’s standards.

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