Complete, comprehensive coverage of the 2014 NATEF Medium/Heavy Truck Tasks Lists 

The 2014 NATEF Medium/Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Model and the accompanying NATEF Medium/Heavy Truck Accreditation Task Lists focus on the future of the industry: more preventative maintenance and fewer repairs. The 2014 NATEF Accreditation Model and Task Lists serve as the basis for the new CDX Medium/Heavy Vehicle Online curriculum. 

Here is a list of course modules based on NATEF alignment:

  • Module 1: Foundation and Safety
  • Module 2: Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • Module 3A: Suspension and Steering
  • Module 3B: Brakes
  • Module 4: Drive Trains
  • Module 5: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Module 6: Hydraulics
  • Module 7: Preventive Maintenance and Inspection
  • Module 8: Engines

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