Flexible, customizable teaching and learning tools ready for you. 

Whether you are interested in teaching an online, hybrid, or traditional classroom-based course,
CDX Medium/Heavy Vehicle, 2014 NATEF Edition will deliver unbeatable results and value to you and your students and improve the way you teach, learn, and access content. CDX Medium/Heavy Vehicle can be used:

  • As a complete curriculum solution to manage and deliver an online or hybrid program perfectly suited for today’s students.
  • To provide easy access to reports and documentation needed for NATEF accreditation/reaccreditation.
  • As an engaging teaching tool in the classroom in place of PowerPoint presentations or other lecture resources.
  • As a self-study resource for students to make up for lost time or reinforce what they learned in the classroom.

CDX Medium/Heavy Vehicle provides you with a robust set of course management tools. We’ll train you on how to use them, customize them to best suit your learning style, and make it easy for you to share them with your students.

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