LV Assessments

Verify, identify, and rectify with these diagnostic assessments. 

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CDX Light Vehicle
 offers more than 60 diagnostic assessment activities that cover each ASE area.

With these diagnostic assessment activities students build their diagnostic skills by applying their understanding of automotive theory to real life vehicle problems. They follow the verify, identify, and rectify process to help students solve the problems quickly and accurately.

The 3 key diagnostic steps are:

  1. Verify the customer's concern. Can you choose the best action to verify the vehicle has the same problem the customer described?
  2. Identify the cause of the problem. Determine the best action to identify the cause of the customer concern. There may be a number of possibilities, but there will only be one best answer.
  3. Rectify and correct the fault. Determine the necessary action to correct the cause of the customer concern.

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