User Roles in CDX Light Vehicle

by User Not Found | Jun 04, 2012

CDX Light Vehicle includes a number of different user roles that define what permissions a user has within the learning management system. A user may be assigned any number of roles, but will typically use only one role on a daily basis to perform most functions.

Read the following descriptions of each role to understand how they differ and how they should be used.


The supervisor role is the highest privilege-level in the system. The Supervisor has admin rights to the user roster and other critical functions of the learning management system. The Supervisor account should only be used to add students or instructors to the system. This role should not be used for editing or administering assessments. This account is appropriate for teachers and IT administrators. Under no circumstances should you share this account information with students.


Your personalized instructor account has the Teacher role. You can perform any function in the system except adding students and changing some system-wide settings. You may edit quizzes and tests, add content, view reports, reset student passwords, and perform all other necessary day-to-day functions with this role. If you create additional instructor accounts for other teachers at your school, you should assign them the Teacher role.

Non-Editing Teacher

This role is similar to the Teacher role, except that it does not have privileges to edit or add content, change the layout of the homepage, or alter other important settings. This role is appropriate for a teacher’s assistant, substitute teacher, or school administrator who needs access to CDX for the purposes of viewing information but does not require editing rights within the course.


The Student role allows access to all CDX content, assessments, reports and grades. Students can only view their own grades and track their own progress. They cannot make any changes to the system. This role should be used for all students enrolled in your course. 



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