• Creating a Quiz in Light Vehicle

    Friday, Jun 15, 2012 by User Not Found |

    The latest CDX training video will teach you how to create a new quiz from scratch, import questions from a file, and then link the quiz into your course so students can see it. 


  • Video- Adding Instructor Accounts in Light Vehicle

    Monday, Jun 11, 2012 by User Not Found |

    Check out our latest training video covering the process of adding instructor accounts to your CDX Light Vehicle instance.


  • User Roles in CDX Light Vehicle

    Monday, Jun 04, 2012 by User Not Found |

    CDX Light Vehicle includes a number of different user roles that define what permissions a user has within the learning management system. A user may be assigned any number of roles, but will typically use only one role on a daily basis to perform most functions.

    Read the following descriptions of each role to understand how they differ and how they should be used.


    The supervisor role is the highest privilege-level in the system. The Supervisor has admin rights to the user roster and other critical functions of the learning management system. The Supervisor account should only be used to add students or instructors to the system. This role should not be used for editing or administering ...

  • CDX Light Vehicle overview video!

    Monday, May 07, 2012 by User Not Found |

    Check out our new video reviewing some of the best new features of the new CDX Light Vehicle! This 10 minute overview covers features such as the new interactive animations, editing quiz questions, new assessments, and the brand new look and feel.




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