Up to Date Automotive Training for Commercial Technicians

CDX Training for Commercial Technicians

Commercial fleets, established auto shops, and corporate chains need to make sure their automotive service technicians keep up with changing automotive technology. Now there’s an easy way to keep your automotive service technicians up to date with the latest automotive technologies.

With CDX Automotive, training is online and on-demand.

  • No need to travel - CDX Automotive’s interactive and online courses are designed to be taken by technicians at their own pace from any internet connected PC.
  • Proven to engage technicians and improve retention - Our unique Know-See-Do-Prove instructional model courses are geared specifically to the diverse learning needs of your technicians.
  • Self-paced - Our diagnostic assessment activities, interactive simulations, engaging videos, procedure guides, tasksheets, and online test assessments that are graded automatically will guide your technicians to successful certification.

Align with Your Standards

The reason your technicians need training is three-fold.

  1. To be able to service all the vehicles in your fleet or at your shop
  2. To increase diagnostic accuracy for customer satisfaction and cost savings
  3. To receive certification so your organization can be a Blue Seal Shop

To these ends, we have worked hard to align CDX with your country’s standards.

In the United States, our programs align with NATEF requirements and cover all ASE standards. We also structure our courses to address standards requirements in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

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