Comprehensive ASE Course Curriculum

We’ve developed a library of interactive and experiential light vehicle training programs that can be used in high schools and post-secondary education. Our programs can be configured to align with any standard. To give you an idea of what we can cover, here is our course outline for NATEF alignment:

  • Foundation and Safety: Covers topic areas of occupational safety and health, hand and power tools, workshop equipment, vehicle information, vehicle configurations, communication, and supporting science.
  • ASE 1—Engine Repair: Covers motive power types, hybrid drive systems, engine removal and refit, engine components, engine rebuilding, engine lubrication, and engine cooling.
  • ASE 2—Auto Transmission: Covers automatic transmissions.
  • ASE 3—Manual Drive Train: Covers clutches and manual transmissions and final drive and drive shafts.
  • ASE 4—Suspension and Steering: Covers steering systems, suspension systems, and wheels and tires.
  • ASE 5—Brakes: Covers braking systems.
  • ASE 6—Electrical/Electronic: Covers electrical principles, DVOM experiments, charging, starting and lighting, hybrid drive systems, SRS systems, and peripheral systems.
  • ASE 7—HVAC: Covers heating and air conditioning, and engine cooling.
  • ASE 8—Engine Performance: Covers motive power types, hybrid drive systems, ignition systems, intake and exhaust, gasoline fuel systems, EFI engine management, diesel fuel systems, alternate fuel systems, emission control, engine cooling, and engine lubrication.
  • ASE 9—Diesel Fuel systems: Covers the principles of CI engine technology and diesel fuel systems.

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