Fundamentals of Automotive Technology ONLINE

Fundamentals of Automotive Technology ONLINE

Coming Summer 2017 – Ready for Fall courses

Learning Objectives

  • Learning objectives clearly state exactly what is being taught and tested on for every topic
  • Content is organized as a small unit that is complete in itself, including images, animation, and video
  • Each unit has a clear learning outcome and finishes with a short assessment

Preview the new Circuit Operation Animation

Preview the new Content Player


2017 Tasksheets

  • Aligned to 2017 NATEF Standards
  • Students complete them digitally with the option to print
  • Automatically load into the gradebook after completion
  • Instructors receive notifications and can grade online
  • Grading tips provide guidance on what to look for when assessing student work

Preview how Tasksheet Grading works


Improved Assessments

  • Aligned to learning objectives—if it has nothing to do with the objective being taught, it will not be on the test
  • Select any related animation, video, or photograph and use it as a test question
  • Every question has been reviewed by a subject matter expert before submission to the new test bank
  • With our improved workflow, test bank errors are fixed immediately after they arise ensuring all questions are reliable and accurate

Animations and Videos to be used on tests



Instructor Dashboard

  • Tell at a glance how individual students and the whole class are progressing and spot trouble while you still have time to respond
  • Lab Ready Report – Displays competent completion of knowledge based activities
  • Progress Report – Displays competency based progress through the unit
  • Engagement Report – Gauge involvement and motivation
  • 2017 NATEF Report – Reports completed NATEF tasks for accreditation

Preview the new Instructor Dashboard



  • Improved interface makes navigating easy
  • Tasksheets now load directly in
  • Employability skills are now tracked
  • Links right through to each assignment

Preview the new Gradebook


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